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Roku Adds Flagship Features, Good Looks to Its Budget Set-Top Boxes

Since its release earlier in the year,

Roku announced the all new Roku LT, as well as the Roku 1 and Roku 2 today. The latter two replace the Roku HD and Roku 2 XD. Like all of its set top boxes, the updated streamers have access to 1,000 apps (Roku calls them Channels) via the Roku Channel Store. While most of the channels are one off portals to streaming sites, the Channel Store still gives Roku a distinct advantage over devices like the Apple TV with access to apps like Rdio, Instant Video, Crackle, and more.

Roku also announced a new partnership with the M Go video service that will give viewers quick access to movies and TV shows available for rent and purchase at the top level of the UI. M Go purchases are routed through a viewer's Roku account, a sign the company may be trying to make renting and buying movies as easy as it is on the Apple TV, but without having to create its own video service.

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