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This Suitcase Pairs With Your Phone, and Charges It Too

The killer feature of any smartphone isn't its camera. It's not the apps, the screen resolution, or the build quality either.

It's the fact that it's always on you-a trait that makes the other features much more significant. It's a pocket computer, and the industry might be trying to replace or augment it with a face computer or a wrist computer, but a phone is likely to remain the essential device for decades. You need one.

You also need luggage, but luggage hasn't exactly smartened up yet. At first glance, the idea of a "smart" bag packed with sensors, radios, and chips doesn't seem necessary or logical. Does a roller bag really need cellular service, electronic locks, and an app to go with it? We're only getting used to baggage-fee charges, and now we have to worry about charging our baggage?

But if tackled correctly, the "smart luggage" concept isn't all that crazy. A startup called Bluesmart is trying to do it the right way. The company's first product, a 21.5-inch carry-on bag that's loaded with sensors and ports, will ship to its Indiegogo backers in August. It's not just built to solve annoyances with bags and baggage handlers. It's also designed to solve common woes with airports, airplanes, and lost luggage.

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